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People you met in a day: Friends for Life

Throughout all the tours I’ve been to in my life, whether it be multi day tours or mostly 1 day tours, I’ve never really been very much connected to the other travellers on board.

Recently I’ve been coming across this saying where one meets people on the road just for a day, and they become friends for life. I wonder if that is really possible, considering you split up after a day and go about your own itineraries. That was not till my trip to Slovenia 🙂

Slovenia-50I ended up jumping into crystal clear blue waters of the Soca Valley gorge with the strangers in my fellow tour group and it was wonderful!

The water may not look it but the current was strong, and it was 10 degrees cold. For someone who’s used to tropical weather, may I just ascertain again that that was freezing for me!


Say hi to my beautiful friends I made when we were all freaking out from just jumping 8 metres, (for most of us our first time jumping from any cliff..ahem yours truly). It was a day after walking tons of miles on trails in the Triglav National Park, chasing waterfalls and sweating madly in the summer heat. The waters were crazy cold and I kept falling over the slippery rocks, but the experience was unimaginable and I suddenly got the understanding why Slovenians practically jump off and swim in any lake possible during the summer 🙂

Me staring into some kind of abyss

Me staring into some kind of abyss

So that was the area we all jumped off from, its definitely not some kind of exhilarating height, but it was enough for me as a first timer! Too awesome that I am definitely looking for jumping opportunities wherever I go now 🙂

It was probably the whole atmosphere of gaining courage, supporting one another and rush of adrenaline which led us to becoming fast friends after that. We ended up with drinks at the end of the night and still keep in touch till this very day x