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7 things and places not to miss in Slovenia

7 things and places not to miss in Slovenia


Slovenia. Most of my friends did not know where it was and why on earth I would choose to go there. Truth was, I was on a trip headed towards Ultra Europe 2015 held in Split, Croatia and Slovenia was just a pre destination prior to what I was considering the highlight of my entire vacation. Little did I know that this beautiful spectacular country caught us totally off guard and we ended up falling in love with it, as much as we did with Croatia! Perhaps even more so!

Here’s the top 7 experiences not to miss when (and I mean when, not if) you go there:

  1. Ljubljana

Slovenia-17Obviously the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana (lyoo-blyah-nah) would be one of the first things you would explore when you land. This city is small but clean and the main town area is so pretty! It was scorching hot when I landed in July, albeit being summer- people were strolling around, gulping down gelatos and having their conversations in tiny cafes whilst there was plenty of music from baskers filling the air. The instant things, which hit me, were the clean streets, security and the friendliness of the people.

We stayed at an Airbnb just off the town area, which required about 15 minutes walk through the streets. Our host was extremely friendly and generous. I would definitely recommend staying at Airbnbs in Slovenia if you are worried about accommodation, the people are excellent hosts.

Tip: Take the gondola up the castle for a panaromic view of the whole city.

  1. Hiking in Slovenian Alps
Chasing waterfalls

Chasing waterfalls

Real exciting was a day tour we took with Slotrips (http://www.slovenia-trips.com/), to explore the Slovenian Alps and Soca Valley. I would definitely recommend this company as the best to get in touch with the pristine nature and real Slovenia. Our guide, Domen, was awesome as he took us to several waterfalls and even to local hotspots which tourists would not know about.

62% of land in Slovenia is nature, which would explain why the nation’s top sports are hiking and mountaineering. The locals would hunt for secret tidal pools and waterfalls to jump in and that would make up most of their summer; fantastic in my opinion. Fancy any lake you wish to swim in and do so!

  1. Triglav National Park


A trip to Slovenia is not complete if you haven’t been to the tallest mountain at 2864 metres, Mt Triglav. It is said amongst the locals that – “No one is a true Slovenian unless he/she has climbed to the summit of Mt Triglav”. Apparently, this was true because every local we talked to after that has either a) climbed to the summit n thus proudly proclaimed a true Slovenian or b) abashedly laughs and said he is not a true Slovenian because he has not reached the tip of Mt Triglav.

Being a small and truly underrated destination for mountaineering and hiking, the trails were not commonly packed in the summer. Plenty of locals were trekking, some major backpackers, happy campers, and even groups of school children. Everywhere you went on whichever trail, the love for hiking is evident on the faces of the Slovenians. It was tremendously pleasant to see people really taking care of their national environment and loving the outdoors.

Tip: If you are an adventurous hiker, definitely spend on a few days camping outdoors in the wilderness of the Julian Alps.

  1. Cliff Jumping


This is the absolute best thing to do in Slovenia whilst in the summer! Cliff jumping. There are literally numerous places to this, the Soca River being one of them. This was also the highlight of the day trip we did with Slotrips, where we braced a 8m jump into 10degrees water in a gorge in Soca Valley.

8m may not seem like much, especially for people who constantly jump off cliffs or rocks during European summers, but for me a city girl, it was the most terrifying and amazing experience that I had.

It was a day after walking tons of miles on trails in the Triglav National Park, chasing waterfalls and sweating madly in the summer heat. The waters were crazy cold and I kept falling over the slippery rocks, but the experience was unimaginable.

We all survived the jump! It was a big opener to cliff jumping for me, would definitely do it at any opportunity I find now!

  1. Vintgar Gorge

Slovenia-6Another great place for some amazing scenery and undisturbed landscapes would be the Vintgar Gorge, located northwest of Bled. It’s a great place to stop at if you are heading for Bled or Bohinj.

This gorge is 1.6km and it winds through the rocks and hills, contained with the Radnova River. This place is pretty touristy, and its hard to see why. I didn’t particularly liked the crowds but when you turn every corner and see emerald colours like this, its impossible not to fall in love with this natural feature.

Its not nearly a hike, as it is a walk through manmade wooden path winding round the hillside. Make sure you walk all the way towards the end, where you can actually see a huge waterfall and locals jumping off smaller rocks into the water (of course), making you cringe in envy.

  1. Talk to the locals

A huge reason why Slovenia holds a special place in our hearts now was because of the people. They speak perfect English, perfect grammar, they love to share about their country and their love for the outdoors. I loved the fact that they held the upmost respect for Mt Triglav and pride for their clean undisturbed sceneries. The locals are open-minded, they do not mind tourists and they seem to just be in their own world.

It is certainly one European country where I have not experienced any hustling and bustle of a city, no jostlings or any of that sort. Slovenia is like a fairtytale small European town you would find in Disney movie, surrounded by giants Hungary, Croatia and Austria. Its no wonder why many people overlook it in their rush to get to Italy or cross the sea over to Croatia.

  1. Lake Bohinj


Our next day after exploring Julian Alps, we headed to Lake Bohinj. This area was sort of completely different from Soca River, in the fact that it reminds one of New Zealand or Scotland instead. The lake itself was surrounded by majestic mountains, in contrast to the packed trees and cliffs environment of the Soca Valley. Unfortunately it was raining heavily when we arrived so we did not manage to get into the waters. I would definitely recommend to rent a kayak and head out though!


People you met in a day: Friends for Life

Throughout all the tours I’ve been to in my life, whether it be multi day tours or mostly 1 day tours, I’ve never really been very much connected to the other travellers on board.

Recently I’ve been coming across this saying where one meets people on the road just for a day, and they become friends for life. I wonder if that is really possible, considering you split up after a day and go about your own itineraries. That was not till my trip to Slovenia 🙂

Slovenia-50I ended up jumping into crystal clear blue waters of the Soca Valley gorge with the strangers in my fellow tour group and it was wonderful!

The water may not look it but the current was strong, and it was 10 degrees cold. For someone who’s used to tropical weather, may I just ascertain again that that was freezing for me!


Say hi to my beautiful friends I made when we were all freaking out from just jumping 8 metres, (for most of us our first time jumping from any cliff..ahem yours truly). It was a day after walking tons of miles on trails in the Triglav National Park, chasing waterfalls and sweating madly in the summer heat. The waters were crazy cold and I kept falling over the slippery rocks, but the experience was unimaginable and I suddenly got the understanding why Slovenians practically jump off and swim in any lake possible during the summer 🙂

Me staring into some kind of abyss

Me staring into some kind of abyss

So that was the area we all jumped off from, its definitely not some kind of exhilarating height, but it was enough for me as a first timer! Too awesome that I am definitely looking for jumping opportunities wherever I go now 🙂

It was probably the whole atmosphere of gaining courage, supporting one another and rush of adrenaline which led us to becoming fast friends after that. We ended up with drinks at the end of the night and still keep in touch till this very day x

The Colour Green: Breathtakingly Beautiful

I think its time I took a little time in talking about the beautiful Lake District in the United Kingdom. Its every bit panaromic and peaceful as the sites say it is. It is also one of the first few destinations my  mum travelled to and since she is such a special person, this is a special place.

During summer break of uni, my mum and dear aunt took a trip up to come see me and we got into a car and drove into the countryside of England.


My mum is secretly English on the inside. She loves the sun and greenery.

My mum is secretly English on the inside. She loves the sun and greenery.

Being with her on a car ride was like taking a kid to CandyLand. Every bit of flat grasslands and hilltops excited her and it equally enthralled me. You know how they say company entices your travel journeys? My mum definitely opens my eyes to the beautiful countryside.


You cant anything as spectacular as this! I wished I remembered the exact road

You cant get anything as spectacular as this! I wished I remembered the exact road


I just wish to share every pretty picture of this area as I can. The Lake District is a national park located within the region of North West England. If I am not wrong, we were headed to the location of Grasmere.


The hotel of Lodore falls have this for a view!


Been to other parts of the Lake District National Park? Drop me a recommendation!