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Turi Beach: A short resort review

Thought I’d do a short post on somewhere much closer to home… Batam, Indonesia.

Exactly a year ago in 2014, my best-est girl mates went with me on a short weekend getaway to Batam! Being in Singapore, its only 2 hours ferry’s ride away 🙂


Arriving at the Turi Beach Resort, the open aired lobby displayed an impressive view of the ocean coupled with palm trees! To be honest, we did not expect such a beautiful view at all!


We stayed for two nights. The hotel spalled large grounds, with many pools right next to the ocean. The vast grounds were quite impressive, however lots of amenities were quite old and not being maintained. It was such a shame



One of the really pretty parts of the resort was this long bridge which led to a separate miniature island. They had a small bar there and lots of space to look out over the sea, popular for sunset and sunrise watching.

Of course, we got up at dawn and watched the sun rise :)

Of course, we got up at dawn and watched the sun rise 🙂


A girls getaway is always a good idea! The resort overall was alright, I would give highs for its incredibly big bathroom, some spectacular views. Unfortunately, low maintenance of facilities and the fact that the beach is not used for suntanning or lounging around because of its rocky shore definitely puts it down low on my list of accommodations!

I was touched mostly by the fact that my girls were with me for my birthday and they took the time off to be with me. After all, the company’s what we should be grateful for, even if everything else of the trip was not up to tip tops.