Horse Riding: Menorca

Horse riding! Of course, one of the best decisions we ever made whilst vacationing in Menorca. We got up on our saddles at the Sa Ferradura Riding Centre. Its by Fornells road, and if you ever wish to ride horses whilst in Menorca, I strongly suggest you do it here!

The horsemasters were friendly and they gave us horses which suited our personalities.

Let the ride begin!


IMG_1914It was just a morning’s ride but the sun shone and the fields were cast in beautiful light. It was small group of us, about 5, so we were thoroughly able to handle our horses and take in the scenery at the same time (:


IMG_1904I was, of course very happy to be on horseback, considering its one of my favourite activities to do.

IMG_1895It was a great way to wrap up our short little trip to this island!


2 thoughts on “Horse Riding: Menorca

  1. Dalo 2013

    That is so cool ~ there is nothing better at times than a good horse and beautiful country. Great photos, and you saw the land very differently than most people. Very nice!



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